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Nicky Ryan Does It Again!

Nicky Ryan Does It Again!


This weekend, the youngest member of the Danaher Death Squad, Nicky Ryan showcased more BJJ skill than a teenager should probably be allowed to have.  As the younger brother of ADCC champ Gordon Ryan and teammate to the likes of Garry Tonon and many others, Nicky hints to what the upcoming generation of grapplers will be like who have been exposed to the various BJJ systems of John Danaher.

Check out this weekend's match from Polaris 7 in its entirety below.  And afterwards, head over to BJJ Fanatics and get yourself a copy of "Leglocks:  Enter the System" from John Danaher.  Side note:  You will want to also be on the lookout for the forthcoming "Back System" that should be out any day now!




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