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Your First Glimpse of the John Danaher Back System

Your First Glimpse of the John Danaher Back System


John Danaher has already changed the world of BJJ instructionals with the release of his revolutionary "Leglocks:  Enter the System" from BJJ Fanatics.  With over 10 hours of ultra in-depth content designed to take you from leglock neophyte to almost Junior Senpei in no time.

Although most well-known for this, up till now, secret leg lock system and the rag tag league of grappling savants like Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan and Nicky Ryan, along with an up and coming group of junior team members who will be jiu jitsu household names in the coming months and years, Danaher also holds a special place in his heart for the back attack and submission game.

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In this first glimpse from his upcoming back-themed course, Danaher breaks down his approach to the back take when faced with an opponent in the turtle position who is going out of his/her way to keep themselves extremely protected and defensive.  Check it out below.

 Let's look at a few keys to John Danaher's approach to taking the back.  If you've taken advantage of his leg lock instructional, you already know that his teaching is extremely thorough, theoretical, and thought provoking.  Danaher is not looking to give you a group of techniques to memorize.  Instead, he wants to give his students, both real and virtual, the ability to be creative and become problem solvers.

First and foremost, he explains how one's body situation in relation to the turtled opponent influences the approach.  By securing a grip on the turtled opponents wrist and setting up the seatbelt grip, you are able to attach yourself to the opponent. 

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The way that Danaher recommends placing the knee in the protected area between the thigh, elbow and lat muscle of the opponent is key to your success.  Danaher recommends pointing the knee directly into the space and then turning the knee in towards the opponent's crotch.  This creates a tension that when the person is dragged down, there leg is pinched between his legs, allowing him to make a few minor adjustments and complete the back take.

Danaher refers to this as a "low amplitude" back take, meaning that is less risky, less gymnastic, and more likely to be safe and conservative, but not flashy.  A "high amplitude technique" would be a dynamic, flashy move that would have more risk of escape.  A standard triangle from closed guard would be low amplitude, while a flying triangle would be high amplitude.

Very soon, Danaher's back system will be available for all in convenient On Demand or DVD formats.  Until then, take advantage of "Leglocks:  Enter the System" which is available now!





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