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Ninja Armlock from Berimbolo by the Miyao Bros

Ninja Armlock from Berimbolo by the Miyao Bros


Joao and Paulo Miyao are two of the most exciting siblings in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Their dynamic game relies on incredible skill, flexibility and lightning fast positional changes.  One of their calling cards has been the Berimbolo which can be loosely translated as a scramble.

The berimbolo is a technique that can be scary for a new practitioner until it is broken down by a good teacher.  In the video below, Gianni Grippo of the Marcelo Garcia Academy in NYC shows five time world champ and longtime training partner Bernardo Faria his berimbolo approach, particularly honing in on details addressing how to berimbolo a larger, heavier opponent.  Check it out below.

 Now let's take a look at the Miyao Brothers as they demonstrate an extremely creative arm lock that is set up from the berimbolo.  If you're brand new to the berimbolo, work on Gianni's breakdown for some time until you feel more comfortable.  Like any technique, the berimbolo requires a great deal of practice.  

 For more instruction from the Miyao Brothers, check out their work in "Berimbolo and Beyond" from BJJ Fanatics.  This four volume set contains all of the highly secretive techniques that helped the Miyao Brothers wreak havoc on the BJJ competition mats and will certainly add some new elements to your game and have your opponents scratching their heads!












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