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Off Balance Your Opponent using The Side Snap Down with John Danaher

Off Balance Your Opponent using The Side Snap Down with John Danaher


An Easy Setup For Your Front Headlock Series!

The snap down is one of the most effective ways to bring our opponent into a front headlock situation. With the proper mechanics and footwork, a good snap down can be turned into the start of a very dominating exchange. But there are several different methods of snapping someone down, each with their own unique functions. The more experienced the opponent the craftier you’ll have to be in your efforts to create the right conditions for a successful snap down.

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Let’s take a look at a side snap down. In this video John Danaher gives us some insight into off balancing our opponent and creating a front head lock scenario with a side snap.

Gaining the inside track to our opponents’ biceps will be a critical component of getting started. Without this inside control, moving our partner will be quite difficult. As Danaher engages, he guards the centerline of his own body with his arms. This protects him from his partner achieving inside control, and gives him access to the inside track of his partner upon tying up.

From the tie-up Danaher shoots deeper with his hands to a nice collar tie and triceps control. With a push of the head and a pull on the triceps, Danaher is able to put his partners elbow underneath his own head. If he offers no reaction, it becomes a very easy front headlock scenario. If he chooses to try and recover (which most will) Danaher applies the same set of mechanics to the opposite side, and back again until a front head lock is achieved. He can then bring his partner down to the mat, and begin to work from the floor.

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The concepts at work here are simple, but highly effective. And like much of the material we’ve been seeing from Danaher, this theme is incredibly applicable. Happy snapping.

This is phenomenal, and will more than likely be an instant fix for anyone searching for answers on the subject. These are the kinds of details that make techniques you may have thought inaccessible to you a part of your regular game. There’s always a way. Thank you, John Danaher!

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