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Open Up with These Important Stretches For BJJ

Open Up with These Important Stretches For BJJ

Easy, Body Improving Movements That Will Keep You On The Mats!

As BJJ players we find ourselves in a concave style position in much of our training. Keeping the elbows tight and the chin tucked is no doubt a cornerstone of BJJ posture, but after many years of continuous BJJ practice this particular way of contorting our body can become our new daily posture. Our shoulders begin to slump, the chin sticks out, and we begin to carry ourselves like the first beings of humankind.

There is absolutely no way to avoid maintaining good defensive posture in BJJ. But we can counteract the properties by taking an active role in balancing the effect BJJ has on our body.

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BJJ is essentially the constant closing of the body. Whether we are defending, and shelling up, or attacking and eliminating all the space between us and our training partners, we constantly compressing our body into a ball.

How can we combat these effects? You’ll need some good yoga-based poses that focus on opening the body and relieving the tension and pressure we incur from our rigorous BJJ training.

Check out this video from Sebastian Brosche. He discusses some opening and loosening poses to help us balance out the body.

I find myself doing the stretch at about 3:50 constantly. I believe this is one of the most important opening poses we can do to get results and balance, and besides that it just feels really good. Follow the video to its completion, and I guarantee you’ll immediate feel relief.

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We all want to be on the mat for as many years as we possibly can be. IN order to make that happen, you will need to invest in your body. Especially as we age, things begin to tighten up, and range of motion dissipates. But you can reverse these effects with yoga, or some form of consistent stretching. Don’t wait until its too late! Take care of your body, and you’ll enjoy decades of BJJ training. Get to work!

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