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Ouchi Gari For BJJ

Ouchi Gari For BJJ


Learn from Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii

The Ouchi Gari is a staple technique for many Judoka, but is also a strong technique for Jiu-Jitsu players. The technique is best pulled off against an opponent with a heavy base. If you watch some of the Judo greats you will often see their techniques come in tandem. A forward facing throw will cause an opponent to react by becoming grounded away from the throw. This offers ample opportunity for the Ouchi Gari due to the partner’s base.

Enter Satoshi Ishii

Ishii is an Olympic Gold Medalist and together with Bernardo Faria he will show you how to add this technique to your tool kit. First, it is important to make note of the grips Ishii is establishing before entering into the technique. He utilizes a left hand lapel grip and an elbow grip with his other hand. Satoshi is using a left foot lead.

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Another great detail that can be imperceptible if you were just watching it live, is how he makes his focus as if Bernardo was positioned in a different spot. This provides the aiming point for Satoshi to make his entry. Notice how his feet land as he is making his entry. The rear foot establishes a new base underneath of Satoshi before he executes his technique. This spot can be seen as a launch pad or hub for multiple techniques. Depending on the reaction of your opponent you will be able to react accordingly.

Now that the opponent is fearful of a forward throw they immediately plant their base away from the perceived forward momentum. This allows for the lead leg to “kick out” the opponent’s base. The kick out is performed with the calf muscle. A key detail that slips by in a moment is that Ishii’s foot doesn’t hit the floor until Bernardo is already falling to the floor. Following through with the kicking motion makes it so the opponent cannot re-establish their base. The forward momentum will also assist in freeing up the leg to be swept outward.

Many BJJ folks out there do what some have referred to “butt-out Judo” meaning that they are hunched over with their hips far away from the opponent. This could because of multiple valid reasons. They could be considering defending a guard pull, or a low shot. Knowing this can help set up the Ouchi Gari because they will be sunk into their base.


Satoshi Ishii has had quite the storied career and the story continues with his involvement in events like Polaris and Quintet. He is now sharing his Japanese Judo Secrets. Get ready to throw and be thrown!




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