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Philosophy Of Passing With Uncle Chael

Philosophy Of Passing With Uncle Chael


One of the first things we learn as a white belt is how to pass the closed guard, either going over the legs with a knee slice pass or going under the legs with a stack pass. 

There is obviously a huge importance to knowing how to pass the guard, but if there are so many different types of guards, it stands to reason that we need to know multiple types of guard passes so we can respond appropriately to the whatever guard our opponent throws at us.  There is no disputing that understanding the concepts relating to passing the guard is imperative to our Jiu Jitsu game.

Chael Sonnen is here to show us the “Philosophy of Passing Guard to Attack”

In order to pass the guard, one of two things need to happen, we either need to gun under both legs, or create enough space by prying the legs open to get a knee on the inside of the opponent’s legs.  In Chael’s opinion one of the biggest problems with the majority of Jiu Jitsu practitioners is that we look at Jiu Jitsu as a two man sport. What Chael means by this is that we look at it as if we take turns doing a move, I get to go, now you get to go, then I go again, then you go, and so on creating a back and forth of techniques and making it extremely hard to move the match forward. A better approach to this would be to instead go into the match thinking about how to make it unfair.  Understand this does not mean to cheat, but rather, how can you make it so you get to execute two, three, or even four moves or more before the opponent gets to do anything?

Chael’s next statement is that we must have an instant mindset meaning we need to constantly be looking for what is next in our attack plan and not delaying in trying to achieve that.  The reality is the longer we delay in our attack, the longer we give our opponent to settle in and get comfortable or worse, start defending and or escaping from the position we have them in.  Chael encourages everyone to have the mindset of instantiations reactions, constantly moving the match forward.

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The difference in a match is not always who is better in technique, but rather sometimes it is simply who is more passionate.  Passion is not measurable per say, however, is always a factor in a match. It is possible to mentally defeat your opponent using passion alone.  Think about it like this, if you are outmatched, but simply continue to fight, continue to keep pushing and keep giving it your all through the entire match, just imagine how mentally defeating that would be for someone trying to submit you.  Let your passion shine through in Jiu Jitsu.  

What I love most about this video clip from Chael Sonnen is his passion for Jiu Jitsu.  You can tell in the first few seconds of his video that this is something he is very passionate about and something that truly wants to help others get better at.  

If you like seeing this passion too, you need to check out “Gangster Grappling” – by Chael Sonnen.  Chael is an “old school” wrestler with a practical game that is easy to follow and understand.  He boasts the title of an NCAA All American wrestler for Oregon State and a USA Wrestling Olympic Alternate in Greco-Roman Wrestling.  Studying the insider secrets that have led to Chael’s success is certain to transform your entire game and give you an entirely new perspective on grappling.  

If you are newer to grappling and looking to build a foundation with some wrestling fundamentals, Chael has a solution to that as well.  Check out “Wrestling Fundamentals from the Bad Guy Chael Sonnen”.  In this video instructional you get to take lessons from “The Bad Guy” as he shows you all of the basics that win at every level and the principles and concepts that you need to build the foundation of an elite athlete.  These techniques work regardless of age, weight or sport for that matter, wrestling or Jiu Jitsu.  

Do yourself a favor and add a Chael Sonnen video instructional to your arsenal so that you can start taking your opponent’s by surprise and building and unstoppable fundamental game that is sure to shock your teammates and opponents. 

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