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Powerful Arm Bar From North South

Powerful Arm Bar From North South


Learn An Arm Bar From North South Position With Kris Kim

Kris Kim is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Tony Passos. He is the head instructor for Yongsan BJJ Trent Warrior Fitness Center. Kris is also the BJJ Coach for Team Posse MMA, Body and Seoul Martial Arts, and United Forces BJJ. In this video we will explore a very effective arm bar from the north south position, where you can go for some quick and powerful submissions. Have you ever even thought of trying an arm bar while in North South? Most of your common BJJ players are going to know how to defend the north south choke, but they may not see this lesser known submission coming. Believe it or not the arm bar works very well in the north south position, and can end a match in no time at all. Let us take a look at Kris Kim’s method for nailing an arm bar. Check out the video below and then we will break it down!

The north south is one of the best positions to setup arm bars and kimura attacks. In fact, John Danaher stresses attacking both to make your north south position un-stoppable.


The first thing Kim does is pressure pass to his opponent’s side, breaking his grip and driving up his opponent with under hook control on his arm. Kim uses head positioning and his hips to push his opponent’s head to the side, incentivizing him to turn to his side, where he can secure the arm even tighter. Another method is to use a head to hip and walk up to pressure your opponent, control his arm and sit back for the arm bar. If your opponent rolls before you secure the arm bar you are still set up to get the omoplata.

It is a fast and quick way to get an arm bar from north south if you need it. The over hook is everything in this technique. By dominating that arm and using your head and chest to pressure you can keep your opponent pinned to the mat opening an opportunity to get a fast an unexpected arm bar. This is really awesome stuff from Kris Kim. As you can see, Kris is a lighter, quicker guy, so this may be a great technique for smaller guys out there to have in their arsenal. The truth is, the more options we have in to secure a submission in any position the better our BJJ game will get.

Finish the arm back and kimuras with John Danaher's revolutionary new series called: Kimura Enter The System - Part 1. Listen and learn from one of the greatest grappling minds and technicans in the world. His scientific way of attacking and finishing the kimura is guaranteed to make you a submission FINISHED.



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