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Pressure Passing with Professor Faria

Pressure Passing with Professor Faria



Meeting an Idol

I never pass up the opportunity to attend a seminar at my home BJJ Academy. While the professors and coaches that I am fortunate to learn from routinely are nothing short of Amazing, there is something about when an Elite World Champion walks through the door and brings his experience and knowledge to our mats! The energy leading up to the actual visit builds day by day until the day he walks in and shares what made him who he is. This past Thursday was that day for us at Leverage BJJ in Cortland Ohio, When Professor Bernardo Faria graced our mats with his presence.

When he walked through the same door I walk through 5 days a week I was instantly star struck. I always thought it would be an amazing experience to meet Professor Faria but never thought that day would come. I whispered to my Professor, “It’s like he’s larger than life” Nothing was going to keep me from meeting and being a part of this night. After our Fundamentals class Professor Faria came out to enlighten us with his knowledge and expertise, and that he did! He gave us options as to what we wanted to learn from him. It was a unanimous decision…Pressure Passing! He got right to it and we were immediately drawn to every word. We were learning how Professor Faria pressure passes his opponents and it was incredible!

The Teachings of Professor Faria

He first showed us the steps to pressure passing without a partner to get the idea of what this type of game should feel like. He instructed us to learn this in 4 different steps. Step one, on our knees, Step two, forearms on the mat, Step three lower our shoulder to the mat while we tripod on our toes and finally stretching our right leg and bending our left leg.

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Putting It Together

While doing this with a partner, the idea is to use your shoulder to pressure into their diaphragm while holding your partner in an over/under control. On the under side hold your partners’ Gi, belt or lapel and secure their leg on the over side, pop up on your toes and lower your shoulder onto the diaphragm of your partner the same way you did without a partner with your right leg stretched and your left leg bent to maximize your pressure, grip the pant leg on your over side and step to that same side, while you take that step to the right push the leg down to get it out of your way, take a step to the left which will allow you to step over the leg which is now not an issue and navigate your way to your favorite side control position. It’s quite easy to put this pass together when you are getting the instruction from one of the best pressure passing artists in the BJJ World.

Feeling Grateful

 Working this with Professor Faria was a highlight of my night. It was a moment that made me even more grateful that I took a step out of my comfort zone and a step onto the BJJ mats and on a journey of a lifetime! Thank you Professor Faria once again for sharing your valuable time and technique with all of us at Leverage BJJ!

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