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Trouble with Inversion in Reverse De La Riva Guard?

Trouble with Inversion in Reverse De La Riva Guard?


Let Lachlan Giles Give You Some Options!

The reverse De La Riva boasts quite a few interesting options. If you haven’t played with the position much, it can be really useful when defending the knee slice pass, and it’s a great transition from the traditional De La Rive guard if you find it’s is starting to come unraveled. One of the most commonly known and applied options from the RDLR is the inversion to the back. Inverting to the back is definitely an awesome way to utilize the RDLR, but if you have trouble with inversion, there are other ways to achieve great position without having to go into full inversion.

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In this video Lachlan Giles gives us a method to gain superior position from the RDLR without having to invert. Check it out!

As Giles sets up in the RDLR his partner begins to put pressure forward. This exposes his partners heel and allows Giles to cup it with his bottom side hand. This will make it tough for his partner to retreat. Giles’s top arm provides a solid frame, and keeps his partners upper body from getting too close. Giles gives a little push and as his partner pushes back, he uses the cupping of the heel to bring him across his body. Giles keeps his right shin tucked firmly behind his partner’s knee, and reaches up for a grip on his partners belt with his right hand. He also secures a grip on the pants with his left hand. He uses his grips and his instep to elevate and sweep his partner back to the other side. He releases his inside leg and then comes up to a leg drag position.

If his partner travels too far forward after the initial movement, Giles can simply come up and put himself in a perfect position to attack the back.

This is a great option from RDLR, if inversion isn’t in your toolbox just yet. Give it a try!


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