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Rashguards: Long Sleeve vs Short Sleeve


Rashguards to a no gi grappler is similar to how a superhero wears his costume. They are an integral part of our training. There are a plethora of options when it comes to them as well. Different companies, different designs, and of course, the different sleeve lengths. Sleeve lengths might seem trivial, but it is actually something of importance. When it comes to rashguards, there are long sleeve and short sleeve. You will see people wearing them in training and in competition. But what should you choose and why…

As an experienced no gi grappler, I always recommend a long sleeve rashguard. I believe that short sleeved ones are more of a fashion statement than anything. Perhaps you think they look cooler, or you have some ink that you want to show off. But everything that a short sleeve rashguard does, a long sleeve does better.

To start, you are more susceptible to mat bacteria if you wear a short sleeve. You arms, from wrist to bicep all can come in contact with a training partner’s skin and the mat. Therefore you have a higher chance of contracting staph or ringworm. By that alone, a long sleeve should be the one that you want to wear.

In addition to that, with a long sleeve, you are giving yourself more needed traction to get those submissions that people can slip out of when you arms are dripping with sweat. The long sleeve will wick away that sweat and give you friction. This is great for those who like guillotines and head an arm chokes. You will give yourself the extra factor to become successful.

And lastly, the compression on your arms from a long sleeve will be good for recovery. Your arms take a beating in Jiu Jitsu (like the rest of your body). They get sore and tired which means they can give out when trying to finish a submission or defend one. The long sleeve prevents some of that soreness that a short sleeve simply cannot do.

So if you are a habitual wearer of a short sleeve rashguard, try switching over to a long sleeve. You will see the difference! While there are many choices out there, Impassable has some of the best options not only in quality but also in price. Below are two of my favorite by Impassable that are both on sale for only $39!

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