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Reverse Triangle When the Knee Bar is Defended

Reverse Triangle When the Knee Bar is Defended


Having a varied submission attack is crucial for success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, not just on the competitive mats, but also in class during our friendly rolls.  We've got to be locked and loaded with some Plan B's in the event that our first submission attempt goes awry. 

The process of becoming a leg lock ace and attacking the lower 50% of the body like leg attack genius Dean Lister had famously suggested to John Danaher many years ago, can create a lot of frustration as people scramble out of your various leg attack attempts.  Whether you're going for the classic achilles lock or the dreaded inverted heel hook, you've got to be ready for a scramble with a backup plan at the ready.

The Australian grappling phenomenon Craig Jones literally skyrocketed onto the top stages of grappling in last year's ADCC and other amazing performances against the highest level competition out there today.  When he is not competing under the big lights on the highest stages, he is traveling around the world sharing his secrets at sold out seminars.  He may be best known recently for an amazing leg lock instructional "Down Under Leg Attacks" from BJJ Fanatics and his Z Guard series also available from BJJ Fanatics.

In the video below, excerpted from his newest "Triangle Machine" instructional hot off the presses at BJJ Fanatics, he shares a great Plan B to a failed or defended leg lock attempt, this tricky reverse triangle.  What better Plan B to an attempted knee bar or leg entry attempt in general than a super tight, super sneaky reverse triangle.

The triangle can be one of the earliest moves a new student gets taught, but also one of the last moves someone masters.  The reason for this is that the classic set up we all get taught from closed guard rarely occurs in the wild and we are left not knowing real practical applications.  In this video and in his Triangle Machine instructional, Craig Jones can change that.

 After attempting to bring his hips up to attack the far side leg, Craig's opponent begins to hunker down and attempt to keep his hips from elevating and him kicking through to isolate the leg and begin the knee bar attempt.  Once the hips are covered by the opponent, Craig will capitalize on this fact and turn lemons into lemonade by controlling the tricep on the same arm that is controlling his hip.  This will prevent the opponent from pulling away and creating space.

The leg that was going to shoot through to set up the knee bar is now going to lock down the posture of Craig's opponent by clamping down alongside his neck.  Pay close attention to the point about clamping across the shoulders as opposed to down the back.  This makes it extremely hard for them to posture.

Craig then takes his other leg and kicks through to meet the top leg that is clamping down.  He will lock up the reverse triangle, all while maintain the control of the tricep of the arm that had been stopping his hips from elevating for the leg attack.  If he lets that arm go at any time, there will be too much space available for the opponent to survive the choke.

Lastly, by flaring the foot and squeezing the triangle will be achieved and the opponent will be forced to trap.  With this technique, you will have taken someone who fully believed they had escaped your leg submission and instead caught them on the top 50% with the dreaded triangle, in this case, the reverse variety.

For more of Craig's mind blowing, but extremely clear and organized instruction, check out his newest release from BJJ Fanatics called Triangle Machine.  It is power packed with all of the secrets that makes his triangle one of the most feared on the planet.  Just ask Murilo Santana who fell victim to it during last year's ADCC.


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