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Rise From The Rubber Guard

Rise From The Rubber Guard



If you’ve ever been passing the guard and someone throws up rubber guard it can cause a wide array of feelings. For some it can cause a confidence shift because they excel at passing the rubber guard. For a lot of people though it causes a wave of panic. All of those times where you scoffed it off because you are not flexible enough to play it so why learn it come flooding in. Or maybe that’s just me…

Rubber guard offers a litany of attacks that often occur in a sequence based off of the passer’s reactions. Sometimes prevention is better than the cure when it comes to rubber guard. If you step on the mat with a person rocking a 10th planet rash guard and you are a bit rusty on your defense, it may be best to avoid their guard at all costs. Rubber guard can cause a cascading feeling where every move you make it can feel like you are sinking deeper into their game. It has a quicksand like property if you will.

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Loose passing can help prevent getting snagged up in Rubber Guard. If you find yourself getting dragged into the situation though there is hope. Thanks to Gordon Ryan and his passing system he can give you a better shot of getting out of that pesky Rubber Guard.

One of Rubber Guard’s strengths is that it can help control the posture of your opponent making it difficult to lift or retract your head out of the entanglement. Gordon’s first tactic is to put his head directly above his partner's head. As he leans into Nat his base becomes light which allows him to step up with wide base raising her hips off of the floor.

When Ryan is able to extract his head from the Rubber Guard at first glance it looks like some wizardry. However if you have ever “limp armed” out of an overhook position it is very similar in application. Gordon makes special note of thumb and elbow position. This is crucial to the success of this technique. Another crucial tip that Ryan points out is that your head needs to be DIRECTLY above their head. After everything is in place Ryan utilizes a shaking motion while backing up to get out of the Rubber Guard.

Gordon Ryan has systematized his passing system. The above video is just a peek into the King’s arsenal.




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