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Sharpen Your Single Leg With Alexandre Vieira

Sharpen Your Single Leg With Alexandre Vieira



The Single leg is easily one of the most used takedowns in all of combat sports. Whether it's BJJ, MMA, or Wrestling there is a good chance you will get to see the single leg in action. That said, it’s time to sharpen that trusty single leg up!

Alexandre Vieira might not be known for his takedowns. The reason is because of his DEVASTATING Loop Chokes he is notorious for. Vieira does in fact have some superb takedowns, specifically his single leg. Check out how he finishes the single leg with a unique over/under grip. 

First off, Vieira discusses one of the primary goals when getting the leg lifted off of the floor. That goal is to make your opponent hop towards you instead of you pushing into them. Being over aggressive when going for a single leg may give your opponent the momentum the need to reverse the takedown and end up on top. So use whatever single leg setups you prefer to start your single leg, once you have the leg make sure to not overshoot into you opponent. 

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Next comes the grips Alexandre uses to finish the single leg. Vieira’s outside arm immediately circles to his partners hip. Once this grip is established it allows Alexandre to push his shoulder into his partner. This creates a space for Vieira’s other arm to circle underneath the trapped leg. Now everything is in place to execute the finish. 

The motion required to put your opponent on the floor is created by using head pressure into the hips while stepping the outside leg away from his partner’s base. This rotation causes the partner’s base to collapse to the floor. Getting the step correct is one of the key factors to success with this takedown. When watching Vieira it’s almost as if the leg movement triggers everything else. So it’s easy to see why making that first step correctly is highly important. The icing on the cake is the grips that Vieira uses allow him to pass the guard right away, unless the partner is able to hook your leg. 

As options dwindle for your opponent due to the grips, their last hope is hooking the leg that is closest to them. Alexandre doesn’t get to stressed about this hook. As you can see in the video by using the Over/Under grips Vieira is low and tight to his partner. This also makes the hip switch he does a little easier, and more effective to remove the hook from inside of your leg. 

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