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Should I Assess My Game?

Should I Assess My Game?


We can be our own harshest critic, or we tell lies to ourselves

Most of our instructors help us with assessing our game. This should be the most trusted voice we listen to. That said, we can also self-analyze our progress. When we analyze our game it is important to be blunt and honest about where we stand.

Don’t be the person who lies to themselves. If you cannot be honest with your weaknesses, you will often stagnate and cease your own progression. Let’s say you are an ex NCAA D-1 wrestler. You can take down pretty much everyone at your gym, and with that you haven’t spent much time on your back playing your guard.

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If you tell yourself you don’t have to worry about working your guard because no one can take you down, you are telling lies to yourself. When you finally get put on your back from a takedown or a sweep, it will feel like being dropped in the ocean with zero swimming experience.

Don’t be overly critical

You also have to be aware of being overly critical of yourself. We’ve all seen the person in our personal lives or at the academy who constantly beats themselves down. “Oh, I get tapped all of the time, my guard sucks, they are too big, he’s a D-1 wrestler,” said the guy making all of the excuses.

You know who we are talking about. It is important to be able to self-analyze your game, but in a productive way. For instance, if you are rolling and you keep getting your guard passed with the knee slice pass acknowledge it! If you don’t have an answer for the problem at least you have identified the problem. This is the perfect opportunity to ask a good question with your instructor.

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Like usual the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Acknowledge your mistakes and keep moving forward. Don’t shy away and pretend like they are make believe, and surely don’t turn your guard getting passed into the end of the world. Analyze your game and compare your notes to the analyzation of your instructor, and keep training!

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