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Show the Guard Players You Mean Business with This Loop Choke from Alexandre Vieira

Show the Guard Players You Mean Business with This Loop Choke from Alexandre Vieira


Nice and sneaky. This will keep the bottom player on his toes for sure!

The best guard players can make your life very difficult when you’re trying to battle their retention and flexibility to make a good pass stick. It can be very challenging to trick a good bottom player with a pass alone. Sometimes giving them something else to think about is absolutely necessary in order to create the distractions we need to finally get around those legs, and get tight to our opponent.

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There are various submissions that can be used in your passing onslaught to help aid in the process. At most, you could get a tap while trying to pass the guard. At the very least, a properly applied submission must be respected by the bottom player, and may earn you the pass.

The loop choke is a brutal submission, and lately Alexandre Vieira has been using it in some very creative ways. In this video, he shows us how to apply the loop choke while passing the guard. Have a look!

As he approaches, Vieira steps up the middle of his partner’s guard and simultaneously feeds the head into a classic guillotine style trap. As he steps to the outside and drops his outside knee to the floor, he also places his hand between his partners legs, under hooking his far thigh. Vieira then sits to his left hip and drops his weight into the submission to force the tap.

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