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Sore from Hard Training? Feel Better Now with Sebastian Brosche!

Sore from Hard Training? Feel Better Now with Sebastian Brosche!



Close to three years ago, I was becoming so sore from training that it would take me several minutes to an hour after waking up, to walk upright. I would remain in a hunched state of pain until my body loosened up enough to function. I like to train hard but I was feeling that it was becoming a detriment to my health, and the pain was becoming a plague on my body. I was feeling like I had reached a point where I just couldn’t recover. The only time I felt good was when I was actually training but anytime I wasn’t I was quite honestly miserable. 

Was I getting too old? 

Approaching 40 is not ancient, but its also not 19. If you train a lot and you train hard, your body needs something to counterbalance the strain you’re putting on it. A friend of mine suggested I give yoga a try. I was always intrigued by yoga, but I had no idea the effect it would have on my body.

I researched and I began to look at some content from Sebastian Brosche, who leads the Yoga for BJJ tribe. I tried the 10 in 10 program. This program focuses on a different part of the body for about 10 minutes a day for 10 days. I was floored by the results. I felt better after only the first day and as I continued through the program, I began unlock some serious issues I was having with my body. The way that Brosche works through your entire body during the 10 days is very telling. With that particular program, you’ll really feel your trouble spots and you’ll also probably discover some areas that aren’t large problems. This helped me diagnose my weak spots and target the areas that were giving me the most trouble. After completing the 10 days, I was hooked. It reminded me of jiu-jitsu and the excitement I felt to learn and discover more.

You see, in BJJ, we’re continuously losing our body. Whether attacking or defending, we tend to crunch everything inward as a means of staying tight to our opponents or defending when the shoe is on the other foot. If you train regularly, this closing of the body can begin to have massive undesirable effects on your posture and your overall body function. You might feel great while you train but a mess when you’re off the mats. 

Yoga is the perfect compliment to BJJ because it is the opening of the body. It counterbalances the effects of BJJ on the body and provides us with a way to combat the negative effects of fighting. 

Yoga will also spark improvements in your BJJ game, helping with general flexibility and agility. I noticed this very quickly. My body just seemed to adapt better to certain situations. When we use yoga to voluntarily put ourselves in interesting positions, our body doesn’t recognize them as foreign when were on the mat. This can help to prevent injury and add loads of vitality to your BJJ.

If any of the things I’m saying are resonating with you, you might be a good candidate for some yoga. If you’re like me, I sort of just accepted my fate and thought that I was doomed to feel this way because of my participation in combat sports. But this just isn’t the case. If you want to feel better, you can, but you have to work for it. It’s just like BJJ. 

Let’s take a look at a quick segment from Brosche. In his “Yoga for Rocks” series, Brosche shows us how even the most inflexible, tight, and locked up humans can open themselves back up and begin to feel good again. This isn’t something you have to dedicate hours and hours of your time to. In 10-20 minutes, a day you can begin to feel the effects. In this video, Brosche shares three poses with us that can get us on the path to revitalizing our sore and tired bodies. He focuses particularly on the idea of inverting and tailors these 3 ideas to fit those of us who thought we might be too stiff to ever achieve such a thing.  Have a look.


Brosche brings in a special partner for the first pose. With a pillow under his lower back, he demonstrates how even someone with a tight back and hamstrings can begin to loosen these muscles. He uses the strength of his biceps to assist in pulling the legs down to get in to a deeper stretch. While in position he begins to extend each leg out one at a time. Notice how Brosche connects this position to jiu-jitsu and the range of your defense. Imagine the benefits this would have in relationship to your guard retention. 10,00 reps or five minutes a day is the prescription. 

Yoga for Rocks is for YOU! Click Learn More!


Hip flexors and quads are notoriously tight on BJJ players. This is the subject of the next pose. Brosche sits down with his butt on his heels and again offers different adjustment to accommodate for knee pain, or if you’re incredibly tight a variation that can be done one leg at a time. As Brosche explains, when we stretch the hip flexors and loosen them, they will be stronger. This is essential for BJJ. 

In the final movement, were treated to what looks to be one hell of a core exercise if anything else. Brosche lays down on his back and creates a little momentum with his legs. He looks over his right shoulder and swings his legs up and over toward that side. He then repeats the process on the other side moving back and forth continuously. Focus on keeping your neck safe and aim to not allow any weight to transfer to it. Keep the weight in your shoulders.

This is a great place to start if you have zero experience with yoga. There are three concepts here that anyone at any stage of their training can grasp and benefit from. Give these a shot and some real effort and see how you feel! Good luck! 

Yoga For Rocks by Sebastian Brosche

Yoga for Rocks By Sebastian Brosche is a complete program designed to help people of ALL ranges of flexibility, but if you constantly tight Yoga for Rocks is for you! Deal with the struggles of training with active recovery, especially if Sebastian Brosche is helping you out! 



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