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Stop the Over Under Pass with Romulo Barral

Stop the Over Under Pass with Romulo Barral



A proficient over under pass can be very difficult to stop. BJJ players that develop a mean over under pass and have mastered its details can feel like steamrollers. At times the pass can seem imminent if we’re not well versed in how to put the brakes on the top player. There’s a lot of wrong ways to try and thwart the over under pass that can lead to the assistance of the passer gaining even more ground. We definitely want to avoid these defenses, but what’s the right way to stop the over under? Romulo Barral has a great solution in this video. He shows us his answer to staving off a strong over under. Have a look!


So, we know that with the over under pass its our partners wish to bury his head deep in our far hip. If we can disrupt this idea, we may be able to throw the passer off his/her path, but this will require sound mechanics and the right body movement. As his partner attempts to advance Barral extends his upper body backward to get on the other side of his partners head. When he gets there, he guides his partners head by pushing it to the opposite side of his body. He then sits up and uses his right hand to secure material near his partners belt. Barral drops his elbow down on the back of his partners head to cause a reaction. As his partner reacts to the downward pressure on his head, Barral is given the space he needs to recover his guard.

This is crafty and simple. I really like the idea of redirecting the head. I feel this detail alone is key in stopping one of the toughest passes in BJJ. Good luck!

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