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Submissions from Bottom Half Guard

Submissions from Bottom Half Guard


Playing half guard from the bottom can be a very powerful addition to your guard game as you will be able to stop guard passes, withstand incredible pressure, initiate base destroying sweeps, and even launch deadly submissions.

The bottom hook

The bottom leg, or hook not only secures a hold on the opponent, but also is integral for the mobility of your half guard.  Through proper control you will be able to prevent guard passes and by using the bottom hook to effectively position your hips underneath the hips of the opponent their base will become compromised and sweeps will be possible.

The knee and shield

Through the placement of the top leg knee and knee shield you will be able to withstand an incredible amount of downward pressure from the opponent.  This driving pressure that you will be able to shoot into their abdomen, chest, or sternum will make them more likely to fall into the traps that you are setting for them.  

The frames or what to do with your hands

While your bottom leg is keeping tabs on your opponent and keeping you mobile and your top leg is maintaining a strong foundation of upward pressure to counterbalance any downward smashing pressure they can bring down upon you, it's important to keep your arms in the game in bottom half guard.

Your bottom arm is crucial for ensuring that the opponent doesn't control your head by cross facing you, which will flatten you and make you vulnerable to the half guard passes they may throw your way.  The top arm can work in conjunction with the knee and shield created by your thigh and form a barrier typically best left across the opponent's throat.  If they decide to try to push through it, they will meet the resistance of your cold, hard forearm in their throats.

For even more key half guard principles that will help you master the position from the top and bottom, check out our article here at BJJ Fanatics on the position.

 Now that you have some key details about how best to maintain a strong, basic half guard position from the bottom, you can begin looking at the wide variety of offensive attacks and submissions you can launch from the safety of the position.

In the video below, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu shows a simple, but devastating straight arm lock initiated from bottom half.

 In the next video, Garry Tonon breaks down a half guard kimura attack that he utilized during a match in the Metamoris promotion.  

 Former UFC fighter and now MMA announcer Kenny Florian, breaks down a powerful triangle choke set up from half guard.

 Bottom half guard is much more than a position solely for safety and for those last ditch attempts to prevent the guard passes of our opponents.  It is a dynamic position that not only protects from the oncoming pressure of our opponents, but also is ripe with sweeping opportunities and submission attacks.

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