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The Back Take:  Can You Escape?

The Back Take: Can You Escape?


Can you get out of this BJJ predicament?


If there was one position you feel most comfortable defending what would it be? For me it’s the back take. Not that I think it is an ideal position to be in and your opponent most assuredly has the advantage, it is however a position I feel o.k. in as I am not being crushed by the pressure of my opponent and I can breathe while I contemplate my strategy of recovering to a better position.

In class we’ve covered how to escape the back take and I find that some of the details just come naturally to me in my attempts to escape this not so advantageous position.

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First and foremost, DEFEND YOUR NECK! otherwise you won’t be breathing so easy once your opponent finds their way under your neck and at your throat!  If your opponent secured their seatbelt grip you need to control their choking arm and create space between their arm and your neck. That bridge you rep out in conditioning is going to come in quite handy at this point as it’s your next step in your ultimate goal of getting your back to the mat and escaping this unfortunate but kind of comfortable position.

In the video below we learn from the very entertaining and colorful Black Belt and Jiu Jitsu Renegade Kurt Osiander on how to escape the back.

Professor Osiander has a few tips on how to protect your neck prior to your opponent securing the seatbelt grip which will prohibit access to your neck. The bridge is the next step to the technique he demonstrates as you look in the direction of your opponent and get your back to the mat which makes your opponent want to come to the mount position. This transition attempt of your opponent brings you an opportunity to get a grip on their pant leg on the inside of their knee and punch it while either spinning and rotating into their closed guard or better yet shrimping out and securing and an open or closed guard of your own.

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