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Basic Straight Ankle Lock by Dean Lister

Basic Straight Ankle Lock by Dean Lister


The fundamental submission from this leg lock OG


As leg locks have gained in popularity in the sport of Jiu Jitsu, it has become vital that all grapplers of every skill level learn them if they wish to be successful submission artists. The best leg lock systems and instructors have been clustered to few areas in the grappling world, so it is difficult for some to become experts. Regardless of instruction level, the fundamentals of leg locks must be trained avidly before advancing to more complex and intricate finishes. One technique all grapplers need to learn is the standard straight ankle. Even if you don’t like attacking the legs, learning how it is done will help your defensive capabilities drastically.

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Through my years of training, I have been taught the straight ankle lock many different ways. Although each are effective in their own right, Dean Lister’s straight ankle has all the necessary attributes for a consistently successful finish. In the following video, Dean Lister will go over this simple technique with immense detail. Even if you are pretty good with this move, you will definitely have a few more details you can add.


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Some important details Dean goes over that have changed the way I finish this technique include the grip, foot position, and chest opening. After experimentation with numerous different grips, I find that the one that works best for me is the guillotine grip high on the chest. Foot positioning in this ashi garami is crucial; the foot of the inside leg has to grab the upper hamstring on the far leg not only to defend the weird heel hook Dean discusses, but also to control the far leg. Controlling both legs is vital and is one of the biggest attributes that have led to the Danaher Death Squad’s success with leg locks.


Also, there is one detail Dean doesn’t discuss in this video that I have learned from Garry Tonon and Gordan Ryan that has allowed me to finish the ankle lock much more consistently. After getting to the final position with the ankle trapped and ashi garami placed, do not lie on your shoulder. Rather, stay high on the elbow, from here move your elbow as far back behind you as you can. Then, begin to bring the top shoulder towards the mat as you bridge. This mechanic makes the ankle lock devastating.

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