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The Best Kimura Concept To FINISH The Kimura Submission

The Best Kimura Concept To FINISH The Kimura Submission


Shoulder Line Kimura Concept by John Danaher

This is an awesome preview from John Danahers "Kimura: Enter The System." John Danaher is the most sought after instructor in the world and in his new series you will have a guided curriculum to learn the Kimura like never before.

The Kimura is traditionally perceived as a submission but it is much more.  The Kimura, when used correctly, can be an incredible weapon because of its versatility factor.  The Kimura can be used from guard to sweep and submit, from top to pass or submit, as a gateway to other submissions, as a back attack, and it works well in the gi, it works well no gi, and it is an excellent tool for MMA and self defense.

The kimura was a very common technique in Japanese Jujitsu, and when Masahiko Kimura, the judoka defeated Helio Gracie in a grappling match, by way of gyaku ude-garami, now known as "The Kimura" became one of the most recognizable and powerful techniques in all of grappling.


Watch the video below of John Danaher demonstrating shoulder line mechanics of a kimura and then we will discuss his technique. Check it out now!

The potential power of the kimura is measured in 3 ways: the degree of your legs incorporate into the kimura, and the degrees in which your opponent’s head and shoulder are being controlled. If you can get any one of those three well represented in your kimura you will have a strong kimura. If you get all three you will have an incredibly deadly kimura. So how do incorporate your opponent’s shoulder line into the kimura? The shoulder line is the line directly across your opponent’s chest from one shoulder to the other. The further your training partner’s elbow is from the shoulder line the less pressure he feels. The more his elbow comes up to his shoulder line the less work you will have to do to get an effective break on your opponent’s arm. Even a straightened arm can be submitted using this concept. What Danaher focuses on after stepping over his opponent’s head is physically moving the arm up to the shoulder line. First bring your head over the elbow and pull, then lift his elbow up, and the tap is right there!

It details like these that make any submission highly effective. Danaher has a very intelligent way of conveying concepts like the shoulder line to analyze exactly how to manipulate the human body into a submission. Keep the shoulder line principle in mind the next time you get on the mats to train! If you have problems finishing the kimura, this could be your fix.

The kimura attack is one of the majoe concepts John Danaher teaches his Danaher Death Squad team.   According to Danaher, the Kimura has an incredible versatility factor due to the fact that it can be utilized in both Gi and No Gi and it is an extremely popular hold in MMA.  There have been countless UFC fights finished by way of Kimura.  Mastering this position will give the Jiu Jiteiro a weapon that can be used in all competition rule sets. Below we see John Danaher's student, Georges St. Pierre utilizing the Kimura in the highest levels of combat. 




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