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The Calorie Burning Capabilities of BJJ

The Calorie Burning Capabilities of BJJ


Every single day millions upon millions of people around the globe find their way to a gym for a workout, the trail for a run, or some other activity.  The benefits of physical activity are scientifically proven to help keep one's body and mind in the best possible shape.  The benefits of a consistent exercise program are almost too many to list.  Besides the overtly physical benefits, the stress relief and positive mood inducing endorphins released by strenuous exercise makes it doubly worthwhile.

The choice of a fitness program or regime is an intensely personal one and typically depends upon the person's goals.  No matter what the individual program that one chooses, one of the most common metrics that someone measures the value of that exercise by is the calorie burn.

Though computing one's exact calorie burn would require a very intense and thorough review using the latest technology, there are some commonly accepted ranges that will give a guideline to how many calories an activity can burn.  Keep in mind that the calories burned are dependent on a variety of factors with the weight of the individual and level of intensity being two of the most important.

In terms of activities, BJJ can create an amazing calorie burn over time.  Our simple infographic below breaks down how your calorie burn can be measured.  Rolling light or doing light drilling can burn as many as 3 calories per lb of bodyweight each hour.  That's right for a 150 lb person, that's 450 calories per hour training lightly.  If we take the training intensity up a few notches and roll more intensely or drill more quickly, we can get that calorie burn up to around 5 calories per lb for the hour.  That's a lot of calories!

What makes it even better is that while you're shredding those calories at class training BJJ, you are learning a valuable, practical skill that could potential save your life.  You are also joining a community of people who are all striving for the same goals.  As you choose your exercise program, remember that heading to Planet Fitness, though good for you, won't give you the self defense skills that BJJ will and won't introduce you to new, life long friends that are eager to help you, after they've choked you of course!

Now that you've learned a little bit about how many calories you can burn training BJJ, you will want to get Tom DeBlass' "12 Weeks to Ripped" program which covers his full nutrition and cross-training program that he has used to get into the best shape of his life at the age of 36.  Still competing on some of the top stages in the world, with ADCC 2019 in his sights, DeBlass follows a simple, easy to follow nutrition plan and intense weight training plan that is simple to follow and does not take hours upon hours of time away from the mats!  It has helped people lose thousands of lbs since it has been released.  Check it out and get your copy today! 





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