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The Rise Of Gordon Ryan

The Rise Of Gordon Ryan


Gordon Ryan often receives a lot of flack for his upbringing; that he was a privileged child and that was the reason he was able to achieve the incredible feat of rising to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in merely five years.

However, a lot of these people don’t know the real story behind the fighter’s facade.

From the time Gordon was seven years old, him and his family had to fight to stay afloat. For the rest of his childhood money was scarce, they weren’t able to afford much above necessities and by the time Gordon started jiu jitsu at 15 he was using money from birthday and Christmas presents to pay for the lessons himself.

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Once 17 came around, and with it his license, he got a car (and a job to afford it). Over the next two years he worked full time jobs on top of training after work until he was able to train full time in the city with his own money and by 20 was fully supporting himself. He has never denied that he has incredibly supportive parents, but also makes it known that his struggle to the top was anything but easy.

If you are looking for an example of hard work paying off, then he is your man; but don’t assume his success is a product of luck. 

In 2016, at only 20 years old, Gordon made his debut into the public eye during the 6th Eddie Bravo Invitational; He ended up winning the tournament by submitting Yuri Simoes in the semi-finals and Rustam Chsiev in the finals. He continued for the next few years to grow and improve on the mats, especially in the No Gi arena.

In 2017 he competed in multiple superfights, the ADCC world championships, and two Eddie Bravo Invitationals on top of other impressive competitions.

In 2018 he won the IBJJF No Gi world championships (in both absolute and weight class divisions), as well as IBJJF pan No Gi (again, in both categories). Earlier this year, during his Kasai Superfight he suffered a devastating injury that removed him from training for a few months, but he has been slowly gaining strength and coming back to full competition fitness since then. 

Despite his affinity for No gi grappling, he is still a force to be reckoned with in a gi. In 2018 he announced his decision to focus on his skills in the Gi and has been seen focusing his attention at honing his technique all year. No matter what Gordon decides to attack next, he can easily be placed amongst the best of role models for training focus.

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He puts his mind full throttle into every project and takes his grappling seriously, showing that no matter where you come from or what tries to stand in your way, you can overcome and succeed! The rest of 2019 holds much more for Mr. Ryan, and in 2020 we will likely see an even bigger rise of fame and notoriety for the young black belt. If you are stuck in your belt progression or unsure if you’re “too tall”, “too young”, or concerned that you don’t have enough money or time to train on the mats as often as you would like- take a good look at the back story of Gordon Ryan and keep pushing through! 

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