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Let Uncle Chael Tell You A Story…

Let Uncle Chael Tell You A Story…



Chael Sonnen has become a GO TO source for MMA analysis, behind the scenes scoops, and stellar stories of his past. Sonnen has recently left the MMA world, but is still highly active within the community. He still commentates for Bellator, runs his podcast, and of course has been an asset in the grappling community with his promotion Submission Underground. On top of all that Old Uncle Chael has been adding to the ever growing list of BJJFANATICS instructionals!

For sure check out his YouTube for all of the glorious action from Chael. Here is a great example of some of the topics that Chael discusses. He covers a variety of topics including the recent Askren setback, favorite insults, his hardest moments outside of the cage, and if he could relive any fight what would it be. Check out the video here: 

Chael talks about reliving either Anderson Silva fight. If you recall Chael was the first person in the UFC to make Anderson Silva look human. Silva was a literal wrecking ball in the UFC’s Middleweight division for YEARS. Sonnen got his shot, and beat the Brazilian from pillar to post for 4 rounds 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Sonnen points out that he was told that it was the 4th round. Whether this was corner error, or strategy remains to be seen. 

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Silva threw up a hail mary Triangle from closed guard. The rest is history. Sonnen describes to his listeners that the Chael of today could of fought that off, but at the time lacked the submission skills. Chael is a master of taking his losses like a champ, and moving forward on to bigger and better things. No one has done it better than Chael. Sonnen has went on to earn his BJJ black belt and even competed in ADCC 2017! Needless to say his grappling has increased tremendously. 

Submission Underground, another Sonnen, project has hosted some SUPER interesting match ups. Most recently we got to see Craig Jones take on Anthony Rumble Johnson who was looking extra strong when they faced off. Thankfully Rumble kept it within the realm of grappling at all times, and Jones was able to gain access to the former title challenger’s legs. Sonnen at one point tangled with Jones at ADCC, so it’s cool to see Sonnen putting Jones in the big time slots at SUG. 

Chael Sonnen may be retired from competition in MMA after a historic career, but he remains very BUSY on multiple fronts. Another area Chael succeeds in is instructional. Sonnen has a unique perspective in that he has fought for UFC Gold, Wrestled at the highest levels, and competed in ADCC. Let his experience ENHANCE your game! Gangster Grappling By Chael Sonnen is exactly what you need if you are looking for a path to VICTORY!



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