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The Travis Stevens Kimura From Side Control... GOAT?

The Travis Stevens Kimura From Side Control... GOAT?


Travis Stevens Teaches Kimura From Side Control

As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo you might say that Travis Stevens is what defines being a world class martial artist. His list of accolades is long, and he has competed in some of the most prestigious events in Brazilian jiu jitsu against some of the best competitors around. Think of Yuri Simoes, Paulo Miyao, and more. Travis moved earned his black belt in BJJ quite quickly, as his years of grappling provided him with plenty of experience. More than just an excellent competitor, Travis Stevens is also an excellent instructor. His ability to break down fundamental techniques in a highly advanced manner is of great value to any BJJ student. Because of his methodical approach to BJJ it is much easier to understand what he is demonstrating.

Another one of Travis Stevens best submissions is the wrist lock... and he hits it from everywhere. If you're looking to up your submission game, check out these dirty, dirty wrist locks :)


In the video below we are going to take a look at Travis Stevens showing us a slick kimura from top side control position. Pay attention to his methodical approach and you too will gain a very high level understanding of a very fundamental submission.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of detail Travis has to give about doing a kimura from side control well. There are a lot of things I know I need to remember the next time I am on the mats. For instance, how many of us know to shoulder punch and create pressure against the head to pop his wrist off the collar grip? And then thumb up into the arm pit to get a tight grip on the arm.

Also take note of his control of the hips using his free arm and knees. They are tight against his training partner, keeping him from bridging and creating space. You will notice that Travis starts attacking the kimura with both his opponent’s shoulders on the mat before rolling him on his side, grinding his arm across the chest (brutal!). This is a critical detail to lock up that kimura tight and now you have the angle to go for the submission. Travis never lets up on that arm once he has got it secure. You have to admire the amount of precision control that makes it nearly impossible for his opponent use that arm what so ever to defend.

The hips, the knees, the use of pressure, and driving are what will get you into that north south position and set up for an effective submission. The more of these details you remember when you have an opportunity to get the kimura from side control, the higher percentage this submission will become. It is one that we all have in our arsenal, which means we can all spot it coming and know how to depend. But with a methodical approach like the one shown by Travis, we will be certain to pull it off against even more experienced students.

Did you know that Judo Olympic Silver Medalist, and John Danaher Black Belt thinks that the easiest Submission in BJJ Is Right Under Your Nose and You’re Missing It - The Wrist Lock.

Travis Stevens is widely regarded as one of the best grapplers on the planet, and uses wrist locks as a great equalizer in his training and competition. He uses wrist locks to create openings, as well as submit his opponents - even BJJ black belts - in positions that they would never expect



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