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BREAKING: Kron Gracie Pitted Against Alex Caceres For First UFC Fight!

BREAKING: Kron Gracie Pitted Against Alex Caceres For First UFC Fight!


Dana White announced Kron Gracie’s first UFC opponent.

It is official. Kron Gracie will fight Alex Caceres in his UFC debut. The bout will take place January 26th at UFC 223.

Kron is the son of the legendary Rickson Gracie. He started training as a child under his father. At the age of 19, he received his black belt from his father. In addition to a Jiu Jitsu black belt, Kron also has a black belt in Judo. He holds a professional grappling record of 28-11. 24 wins are via submissions. Notable grappling wins include Otávio Souza, Jonathan Torres, Garry Tonon, Andy Wang and Shinya Aoki. In 2013, he received first place at ADCC 77 KG Division. In addition to his grappling record, Kron holds a 4-0 professional fight record. He boasts wins over Tatsuya Kawajiri and Hideo Tokoro. All his wins were via submission.

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Alex Caceres first appeared on The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck. He has a record of 26 fights with 14 wins and 11 losses.  He has 5 wins via submissions and 3 by knockout. He has 2 wins and 2 losses in his last 4 fights. He holds wins over Sergio Pettis and Cole Miller. For Caceres, the bout comes at a pivotal time in his career. Presumably, he needs to put together a series of wins to continue his UFC career.

For Kron, it should be an interesting matchup. Caceres is a well-rounded veteran. Caceres can get the job done with both strikes and grappling. The matchup should test Kron’s striking and grappling abilities.

For the grappling aficionado, it will be exciting to see another Gracie compete on the big stage. Kron is the first Gracie to fight in the UFC since Roger Gracie. With Rickson in his corner and a presumable influence from the Diaz brothers, it will be a fight not to be missed.

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