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The Weirdest Yet Powerful Guard Submission - The Snap Guard By Neil Melanson

The Weirdest Yet Powerful Guard Submission - The Snap Guard By Neil Melanson


The Snap Guard by Neil Melanson

Neil Melanson is a guy who needs no introduction. Neil Melanson is an American combat sports coach. He is currently the head grappling coach at Jaco Hybrid Training Center. He previously was head coach at both Xtreme Couture Las Vegas and Alliance MMA. Melanson specializes in Catch wrestling, while drawing elements from Judo. He is especially known for his guard work, leg locks and triangle chokes. He has trained under Gene LeBell, Gokor Chivichyan, and Karo Parisyan (who awarded him his black belt). Throughout his career, the professional fighters Melanson has trained include: Randy Couture, Karo Parisyan, Gray Maynard, Todd Duffee, Goran Reljic, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Anthony Johnson, Patrick Cummins and others.

Neil Melason has a unique approach to guard system that in influenced by Catch Wrestling, BJJ and MMA. Neil does a great job blending his systems together to make a very powerful guard system.


Today we are going to examine the snap guard by Neil Melanson. The snap down guard is very effective for snapping an opponent down and getting on top. This is not a traditional sweep, and comes from someone who has a very advanced understanding of wrestling and other types of grappling. By combining techniques from a variety of different sports, Neil Melanson has put together one of the most unique fighting styles known today. Watch the video below and then we will break down Neil Melanson’s snap guard technique. Check it out now!

The whole idea with the snap guard is to go from a bottom position to a snap down position, with an over hook head lock or whatever the case might be. You start in a single leg half guard similar to the style of Craig Jones. Keep your knee out so your opponent can’t change direction. Block the under hook and get an over hook of your own. Now from this position keep the wrist away from your body and pivot with your hand. Stretch your opponent out and escape your hips. Now you can pivot and apply pressure. Remember you want to be on your training partner’s arm, not his shoulder. You can do this very quickly and very aggressively and there are tons of locks available to submit with. What is interesting about the snap guard is that it is very unsuspected. Your opponent will have no idea what you are going for, probably thinking you are going to attack a leg lock instead. But this is not the case. The snap guard is highly effective and can be used by anyone even with limited amount of experience. So remember this guard the next time you are in a live roll! It could be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

The Weirdest, Yet Most Effective Guard Systems For No Gi Submission Wrestling And MMA is Neil Melasons's Ground Marshall Guard System.

Neil is the Blackzillians MMA Coach, and worshipped by all the top grapplers out there. Neil Melanson’s Guard Game Is More Efficient and So Much More Advanced Than Any Other Guard Out There That Your Opponents In The Gym & In Tournaments Won’t Have A Chance.




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