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Tom DeBlass Is Going to Fix Your Deep Half Guard Struggles

Tom DeBlass Is Going to Fix Your Deep Half Guard Struggles


Let's face it, half guard is one of the most effective guard systems for BJJ players of all levels to use if they want to keep those opponents at a safe distance and prevent their guard passes.  Once you've got the fundamental concepts of how to use your knee shield, your frames, and  your hips, you will see a whole new world of sweeps and even submissions available from what was once seen as a last ditch defensive position.

But like any position, the more frequently people see it, the more likely they are to develop moves and positions that work to counter those things you've just begun to feel successful at.  That's why new positions begin to develop.  Techniques like butterfly half guard, Z Guard, or deep half guard all came from the necessity of jiu jitsu to stay alive and ever-evolving.

No one knows about the ever-evolving game of half guard as much as Tom DeBlass.  Half guard is his bread and butter and has been since he was a blue belt nearly 15 years ago.  In that time, he has faced and defeated some of the biggest names in jiu jitsu on every competitive stage.  He has fought in the UFC and Bellator as well.  The guy knows his way around half guard and knows the effectiveness of the position.

In the video below, Tom demonstrates a super easy deep half guard entry on one of his top competitors and students, purple belt David Gonzalez.  If you've ever struggled with entering into deep half, it honestly doesn't get any easier than this right here.  Check it out and we'll break it down afterwards.

DeBlass sets up this deep half entry from a standard knee shield half guard.  In this scenario, his opponent prevents Tom from securing the far leg and thigh to establish a deep half entry, so just as he so commonly does from half guard, Tom comes up with a solution that is right in front of our faces.

In this case he uses his knee shield leg to first, drop the shield allowing him to reach with that foot and attack the nearside leg that his hook is around.  By using that foot to torque the opponents knee, they are now put in a very precarious position.  

Instead of reaching for that far leg that the opponent may be sprawling out on, DeBlass will instead secure a gable grip on the same side leg and thigh.  This allows him to pull the opponent forward, giving him the entry to deep half.  Once he has secured the position, he will hide the exposed arm under the opponent's thigh to prevent the kimura attack.

DeBlass finishes the video with a quick demonstration of one of his favorite half guard sweeps, the waiter sweep.  By pulling his knees up and over his opponent's hips, he is able to easily weave his arm through behind the leg that is basing for the opponent, making the sweep possible.  Give it a try and see how easily you can add this to your game.

For more on how to dominate half guard using Tom DeBlass' tried and true techniques that he's been developing for nearly 15 years, you will want to get his best-selling Half Domination series, available from BJJ Fanatics!  This was the best selling BJJ instructional at BJJ Fanatics in 2017 and continues to be a popular choice for practitioners of every belt level.  Tom's clear instruction makes it super easy to be able to watch his techniques and put them to practice almost immediately.  This means more time on the mats wrecking your teammates and opponents and less time in front of your computer.


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