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Tom DeBlass Reveals His Amazing Kimura Game

Tom DeBlass Reveals His Amazing Kimura Game



Tom DeBlass has been consistently making contributions to his growing instructional library over the past few years, giving insight in to his unique game and skillset and sharing some game changing technique with the masses. When Half Domination was released, we experienced one of the most intriguing aspect of DeBlass’s game, with the content showcasing his incredible half guard. A half guard that’s revered throughout the BJJ community as one of the best in history. You’ve seen it action. DeBlass has constructed what seems to be a nearly impenetrable fortress with a half guard that has kept some of the greatest guard passers in the business at bay. 

We’ve since been treated to instructionals on everything from leg locks to fasting and strength training to gi technique and partner drilling sequences that have elevated the games of many and continue to add value to BJJ toolboxes around the world. But today, there’s a new release that has the interest of the BJJ community piqued. One of DeBlass’s most relied upon techniques throughout his career is the kimura. He has developed methods of implementing this classic submission from just about anywhere you can imagine and he’s complied his innovations for us to view in his latest body of work with BJJ Fanatics. 

With Kimura Domination, we’ll get a look at why the kimura is a favorite of DeBlass’s and how he uses this incredibly dynamic submission to not only finish his opponents but to also gain favorable position, reverse, and even enter into leg entanglements. DeBlass employs the kimura as a positional hub to launch great attacks and control the flow of exchanges. This is not one to be missed. DeBlass is revealing a lot here and this is sure to increase your understanding of the capabilities of this traditional technique.

If you thought the kimura was only a powerful submission tool, wait until you get a look at the content in Kimura Domination. DeBlass reveals the true power of the kimura in a multitude of different scenarios and applications. Take a look at this 60-second kimura blitz from DeBlass. Here, he works through some different attacks all involving the kimura and utilizing its power to manipulate his training partner in to some unfavorable circumstances. 


This quick clip demonstrates how incredibly useful the kimura actually is. DeBlass puts it to work on several different ways here, opening us up to new ideas and possibilities. With control over the arm there’s quite a few reversal opportunities and when DeBlass realizes his training partner’s focus is heavy on the shoulder lock, transitions seamlessly into the legs. Beautiful stuff. 

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If you’re a half guard fan, you know that the under hook is synonymous with the bottom position. From the bottom the under hook is often one of the very first things we look to acquire. Knowing this, DeBlass has great answer from the top by way of the kimura that he shares with us here. Check this out!



DeBlass anticipates the under hook from the top position and as his partner sits up to look for it, DeBlass collapses on the arm, taking the steam out of the under hook. Here, he immediately transitions his left arm to the backside of his partners body to join his other arm. With the arm buried, DeBlass begins to reposition his body with a hip switch that finds him facing his partner’s legs.

With the arm now exposed, DeBlass secures the wrist or even the forearm and begins to lock his figure 4 grip on the limb. Forcing the arm down to the floor, DeBlass squares back up, traveling back to his knees and then starts to walk his training partner’s elbow toward his head until the arm can simply move no further. Here, he pins the wrist to the mat and pulls upward on the shoulder commanding the tap. Great mechanics here from DeBlass. 

Need anymore convincing? DeBlass has tested his technique at the highest levels and you can be sure that what’s being brought to you in this series is the product of years of focused experimentation and hard work, making all of the techniques highly effective and incredibly applicable. You’ll quickly recruit these amazing themes in to your own unique game and immediately add value to your knowledge of the amazing and versatile kimura.

Kimura Domination by Tom DeBlass

 Kimura Domination is available now in the BJJ Fanatics Online Store. Pick up a copy today and begin learning the best kimura secrets in the game from one of the greatest to ever do it!



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