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Tonon Back In Action This May

Tonon Back In Action This May



Garry Tonon, pupil of Tom DeBlass/John Danaher, will be returning to MMA action sooner than expected, and for that we are thankful! Tonon was able to put on a brutal display of black belt prowess mixed with devastating ground and pound. After re watching the fight it is easy to see that Tonon would be able to make a quick turn around.

The Lion Killer returns to ONE: Enter The Dragon in May against Yoshiki Nakahara (12-4). This bout will take place at Featherweight. We know what you are thinking how is The Garry Tonon Diet going to allow Sir Tonon to make 145!? The weight classes in ONE FC are a little different than we are used to here stateside. Featherweight in ONE is 155lbs. Tonon started his MMA career fighting at 185 and eventually dropped to 170.

Tonon is notorious through social media for promoting the Garry Tonon Diet, which mainly consists of Five Guys it seems. That said Tonon has looked in spectacular shape for each of his MMA bouts. His next opponent seems to be his toughest test yet.

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Nakahara is currently riding a 7 fight win streak. Tonon is undefeated in his short but busy MMA career. It’s been exciting to watch one of Jiu-Jitsu’s most exciting competitors make the transition to MMA. Now we get to see Tonon put against considerably more difficult opposition.

Tonon who is 4-0 with 4 stoppage victories. Two by way of submission and two by way of strikes. He has shown a marked improvement in his stand up game, but never strays too far away from his strengths.

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