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TONS of Options From Closed Guard With Tom DeBlass

TONS of Options From Closed Guard With Tom DeBlass


Tom DeBlass Shows Some Amazing Closed Guard Options

Tom DeBlass is the guy to learn closed guard from. Tom has competed in the middleweight division for Bellator and the UFC with a professional record of 9 and 2. DeBlass is also a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Ricardo Almeida. Tom DeBlass is a master of closed guard, having used it in many high level competitions. In the video below we will take a look at one of Tom’s super easy effective triangle set ups that you can add to your arsenal no matter what your belt level is.

Closed guard is one of the most basic and fundamental jiu jitsu guards that every martial artist knows, AND every fighting must have an answer for. Still, for so jiu jitsu players, it ends up evolving into a position to hold and recover your energy, or a place to get stuck while someone grinds their elbows into your legs. No fun! Now, thanks to Tom Deblass, you can put all that in the past, and level up your bottom game by rediscovering what makes the closed guard so tricky and submission oriented guard in the first place.


Watch the video and then we will break down the technique. Check it out!

As you saw in the video the first thing Tom does is clear his training partner’s grips, using his hips and legs to pull her into his guard. From here Tom secures an over hook and immediately turns his hips, bringing his leg up and his arm through the back of his knee. Now he changes his grips, going palm to palm across her neck. Now he can move his leg over his partner’s far trap. From here DeBlass looks to start pulling his knee out from under his partner’s control. The chances are your opponent will try to control your shin and avoid you from pulling your foot out. If this is the case you can use your other leg to help break the grip. Slip your hook under your opponent’s arm to clear it. Once the let go of their grip on the shin you can immediately bring your leg up and over, setting yourself into the triangle position. DeBlass locks the triangle and prepares to get stacks by his training partner. When the stack begins, his hips come up, he controls the arm  by pulling it across his body and closing up the triangle.

Powerful stuff from Tom DeBlass! This is a highly effective triangle from closed guard. There is a lot that goes into make this an easy submission. Pay attention especially to your hips. Notice that once Tom DeBlass breaks his training partner’s grips and secures her arm he is no longer flat on his back. If you stay flat on your back you are not going to be able to get the angles necessary to lock up a tight triangle, making it easy for your opponent to escape. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are defending from closed guard and be sure to go for the triangle!

Learn How Anyone Can Make The Closed Guard Their Home!
So, are you ready to change the way you fight from closed guard? Are you ready to finally have the secrets on how to best defend yourself and turn that into your own offense?
Then look no further, Tom DeBlass is here to help you.

This 4 DVD volume instructional video series has Tom DeBlasses’s best counters to all the most common closed guard passes you will come across. Ever find yourself getting stacked from guard, someone bigger and stronger leaning you up on your neck until you have no choice but to hold on for dear life or give up the position? Not anymore, Tom Deblass Has The Answers Your Closed Guard Needs.



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