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Train With Your Kids! Featuring Matt D'Aquino and Joel Bouhey

Train With Your Kids! Featuring Matt D'Aquino and Joel Bouhey



Games are normally a staple in any kids martial arts program. Under the guise of fun, these important games teach our children fundamental grappling concepts that serve them well in their training and let’s be honest, at first, it may be the reason they come back to class! When It comes to BJJ and Judo, there are so many critical principles to learn such as the elements of pushing and pulling, off balancing, guard recovery, and dozens more. Games can assist with these processes, helping our kids to recruit the skills necessary to become little grappling machines and even helping them enjoy their training more.

Many of us are stuck inside at the moment and if you have a family it can be tough to keep the little ones occupied. Matt D'Aquino has come to the rescue with Grappling Games for Kids, a complete library of incredible grappling games that will keep the kids engaged, active, and assist them in taking their skill level to new heights. Maybe you've always wanted to be more involved in your childs grappling journey. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that. With D'Aquino's help you’ll not only improve your childs grappling pedigree but you'll also learn more about grappling yourself. This could be the perfect time to make the leap yourself and join in the fun!

D'Aquino is a 4th degree Judo back belt with Olympic experience, a black belt in BJJ, and a fantastic instructor. His guidance is incredibly simple to follow and he’ll make sure you understand the concepts of each game so that you can convey the information to your child and develop an increased understanding of the goals of each game. This is a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with your children, keep them involved in their martial arts training, and fill your extra time with something positive and constructive! 

Here’s the trailer for the series that will give you a quick overview of what to expect. Check this out! 


As you can see, this series is packed full of skillbuilding content that will help your kids develop a stronger grasp on the concepts of grappling and give you a new perspective on the art that your child loves so much.

Grappling Games For Kids by Matt D'Aquino

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Speaking of training with your kids, Joel Bouhey has also released a new product related to this subject. Train With Your Kids is another collection of games that Bouhey has assembled to help you drive home the important themes of jiu-jitsu with your children. Bouhey is another phenomenal black belt instructor that can help guide you, when it comes to teaching your little ones the most important grapping skills. Check out the flying squirrel guard, a segment from the  series that simulates jumping guard with a fun dismount at the end. Take a look!


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Both of these instructionals are packed full of fun grappling games that your kids will love and you'll love taking part in the training with them! Take advantage of this unique opportunity we’ve all been given to provide your child with new skills and an enhanced understanding of the fundamental principles of grappling! 


Train With Your Kids by Joel Bouhey

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