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Tricky Arm Trap with Nick Pollaro

Tricky Arm Trap with Nick Pollaro


An Easy Technique For A Quick Path To Submissions!

For me, side control was the first position I felt comfortable in. I felt grounded there, and I felt that out of all the basic positions in BJJ, I could stay there much longer. My stints in mount or back control were often short lived in my earliest BJJ training sessions. During my first experiences in side control, trapping the near side arm, or killing that near side frame became of utmost importance. Taking away a limb from your opponent in order to advance becomes almost necessary if you hope to mount, or attack something substantial without too much resistance from the bottom.

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In this video with Bernardo Faria, Nick Pollaro demonstrates a method of trapping this arm so that he can advance toward submitting his partner. Check it out.

Pollaro begins by freeing up Faria’s gi tail and passing under the armpit to other hand. Once he’s secured the lapel, he hops up to knee on belly. Here he gets creative with his footwork in order to trap the arm. He first slides his right knee down over Faria’s arm pinning it to the floor. He follows up with stepping on the wrist with his left foot to hold the arm in place while he makes a switch with his right shin, now pointing his right knee toward Faria’s hips. The arm is now immobilized.

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From the point Pollaro is presented with a large amount of opportunity. Various submissions can be attacked from here with minimal resistance from his opponents. He discusses a simple cross choke, the brabo choke, etc., but getting rid of that bottom arm will be key if you hope to begin setting up a solid attack.

I think everyone that trains BJJ has at some point been exposed to a similar method of trapping the near side arm in side control. This is an important concept if you wish to be successful from here. Pollaro gives us yet another way to get the job done here with his answer.

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