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You Are Two Steps and Less Than a Minute Away from Destroying Their De La Riva Guard

You Are Two Steps and Less Than a Minute Away from Destroying Their De La Riva Guard


 Invest One Minute and Avoid De La Riva

The De La Riva Guard is one of the most frustrating versions of the open guard that one can find themselves mired in.  This version of open guard pioneered by the legendary competitor Ricardo De La Riva has been referred to as the "mother of open guard" not only because of the many different open guard variations it has inspired, but also because unlike some positions, the De La Riva Guard itself has never stopped evolving.  It is still one of the most popular guard styles amongst the current crop of world class competitors out there today.

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In our one minute clip below, we decided to give the top player, or the person stuck in the De La Riva a fighting chance.  In less than a minute and with really only two primary steps, you too can escape this guard and not get yourself completely stuck or swept in the process.  Check it out below!

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