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Triumph Over the Toreando Pass

Triumph Over the Toreando Pass


Learn to stifle one of the most common passes with Mikey Musumeci

The Toreando is one of the most common passes that is used by the standing passer. The bullfighter pass, as it is sometimes called, involves planting the feet to the mat while utilizing circular movement to get around the legs. One of the main keys to a good Toreando is to maintain mobility to make the pass happen. Below, Mikey Musumeci shares some critical details to stopping the pass from happening.

First off, Mikey talks about not letting your feet hit the floor. If the feet become immobilized the pass is all but finished. So he circles his feet outside of the passers grips and plants his feet to their biceps. This makes the initial goal of the passer, to put the guard player’s feet to the floor, very difficult.


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From here focusing on establishing grips with our hands takes precedence. Musumeci utilizes the collar and sleeve grip. By retracting a leg and creating an angle he makes stripping the pant grip more manageable. This starts to compromise the posture and mobility of the guard passer, which is two of the critical elements of passing with the Toreando.

The battle continues with the passer being able to step their legs forward and do a better job maintaining posture. If this happens Mikey will simply switch his attack plan. If posture remains the legs become more vulnerable for attack. This involves putting someone in de la riva and threatening from there.

Actions cause reactions. Training specifically from this position will help iron out the details about actions and reactions. Being able to be prepared beforehand when someone establishes inside control on the pants will lead to more successful attacking strategies.

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