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Using De la Riva Guard to Set Up a Simple Sweep

Using De la Riva Guard to Set Up a Simple Sweep


Simple Hook Sweep Setup From De La Riva!

For many grapplers, de la riva guard can be a difficult and confusing position to play from. There are so many complex sweeps that can be done that a lot of grapplers will stay away from it and just focus on simple open guard. This is a bad idea, however, because de la riva guard is a great position to defend your guard from getting passed with.

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Since de la riva guard is a staple open guard position, every grappler should learn some techniques from it. Fortunately, there is no need to do a lot of the weird sweeps you will see in a high level black belt match. In fact, there a ton of simple sweeps you can do from this position, so why ignore it completely when you can add some new tricks to your game.

One of the simplest open guard sweeps to use against a standing opponent is the tripod sweep, sometimes referred to as the hook sweep. When playing in positions like de la riva guard, we often forget about simple sweeps like the hook sweep because we get too busy focusing on the de la riva specific sweeps. You can, however, easily transition from de la riva guard to the tripod sweep, which is actually pretty effective because the guard passer isn’t expecting it. In the following video by BJJ Fanatics, you will see how you can make this transition to finish the sweep.

This simple transition is a great example of how you can blend modern jiu Jitsu with some of the old school techniques you’ve learned as a white belt. The great defensive characteristic of the de la riva guard combined with the powerful hook sweep is a transition any grappler can and should do.

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To make the tripod sweep even better, rather than pushing your partner away with your foot, which creates a lot of distance between you and your opponent, try lifting your opponent with your foot and pulling their leg with your ankle. This will allow you to achieve a much better position when you come on top. Another reason this transition is so great is that if the sweep fails, you will be in place to go back to de la riva guard and try a different sweep or even come on top for a single leg takedown.

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