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Using The Arm Drag To Get A Rear Takedown



The arm drag is one of the best used weapons in all of grappling. From Jiu Jitsu to Wrestling, the arm drag is beneficial to any grappling competitor. On the ground, the arm drag is known for back takes, sweep options and some submissions, but standing it can be just as useful. The arm drag sets up plenty of takedowns during the standing phase of grappling, and in particular, it sets up one of the easier takedowns in Jiu Jitsu. That takedown is known as the rear takedown. Let’s see how you can use the drag to set up this awesome takedown.

So while engaging in the stand up phase of grappling, you are able to get the tricep grab and start to arm drag your opponent. As you do so, you keep your head glued to his chest and try to stay tight as possible. When you’re up close and personal with your opponent, make sure your outside arm is wrapped around the opponent’s back, with your hand on his far hip for control. The next set of motions need to be done smoothly, and if you can, in a singular motion. Shuffle your feet, and get yourself slightly behind your opponent. The leg that is behind him will assist heavily. As you shuffle, your leg behind the opponent will become straightened out, post on your heel and you will drag him down as you sit. This will allow you to easily get into the side control position.

What is truly awesome about this particular takedown is that there is no wasting of energy. From the arm drag, to the shuffle to the sit down, you are not expending a whole lot of energy. The most energy spent from this will most likely be when you are trying to hold side control. Otherwise, it is easy on the body. Takedown training should not be neglected. It is important you spend enough time working on your takedowns. If you do not, then you might not be able to use some of your favorite techniques to be successful. Train your stand up grappling and you will see yourself doing better in rolling and in competition.

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