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X Guard Techniques - Concepts To Enter The X Guard



For those of us who enjoy the x guard, you might find yourself wondering at how you can become better with the position. The x guard is such a valuable position to achieve and succeed with. There are plenty of sweeps, so if you’re a top player, it will help you get there without wasting a ton of energy on the getting the take down. But at the same time, the x guard also is ripe with submissions for those of you who are constantly looking for the sub finish. If you want to get proficient with the x guard, take these concepts and apply them…

Find a way in

One of the toughest things about using the x guard is actually being able to get to the position. You need to get your legs in between and under your opponent’s legs. To do that, you can do a couple different things. You can try pulling closed guard, but if they pull their upper body back to defend, you can easily transfer to x. You sometimes can just sit and hop under your opponent as well. Just make sure that you’re able to have one of your knees close to your chest, and one extended. That way you can easily flow in.

Try using it with butterfly guard

A great way of getting better with your x guard is actually to improve your butterfly guard. If you can make your attacks from butterfly top notch, then you will be able to flow into the x guard a lot easier. Many butterfly attacks will result in the opponent having to post a leg to defend. As they post, you can easily transfer to the x guard. Marcelo Garcia, who is a living legend in the sport showed this to be true in his competition career. These two guards work so perfectly together.

Use your hips

This is a concept that can be used with so many positions, defenses and attacks in Jiu Jitsu. Though no matter what, it will ring true. You have to use your hips and use them well. You need to not be afraid to hop in, under and scoot to your opponent. And you simply won’t be able to do that if you are flat on your butt and sitting heavy. Making sure you’re using your hips for entries whether it be from a guard pull, a hook sweep or even a half guard sweep will ensure that you get into the x guard easily.

Don’t ever underestimate this beautiful open guard and what it can do for your game. This was a guard that really made me fall in love with playing open guard and not solely relying on closed guard anymore. Playing from the x guard opened a lot more avenues to victory for me. I was able to attack in more ways and become more unpredictable. If you’re looking to play open guard more, then this could be the one for you. To excel with it, do yourself a solid and check out…

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