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Ridiculously Easy Closed Guard Pass

Ridiculously Easy Closed Guard Pass


Trying to pass the closed guard can be nerve racking. If you make even the smallest of mistakes, that could mean being caught in a match ending submission. Because of that truth, many people simply stall out while in the closed guard. But being in the guard, should not be feared. It should be respected, but it can also be defeated. With proper defensive concepts and using good technique, you will be able to defeat any closed guard and be able to lose that anxiety of passing. Here is a ridiculously easy closed guard pass that can be added to your game…

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Start out safe. While in the closed guard, grab the belt with both hands and keep both elbows on the inside. Sit low on your heels and have your hips forward so that he cannot pull you in with his legs. When you’re in control and safe, you’ll be able to make your first movement. The first movement might actually feel awkward or fundamentally wrong, but it will work. Use your right arm to grab high up on the collar of your opponent. After grabbed, clamp your elbow in and down so that you cannot be easily armbarred. Your other arm should be used to block the opponent’s left bicep.

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Now you will use your right leg to step up right by the opponent’s hip. Make sure your elbow and knee are making a connection. Do not give any space where he will be able to make any sort of positive movement. Then you will bring your left knee in the middle of the opponent’s center line. After that, simply use your left hand to push his knee down. You’ll be able to hit a knee cut pass or any other low passing that you like. This is a break and pass that will work beautifully.

Never be afraid to pass the guard. It is so important to be able to pass. Otherwise, you will become shut down once you enter the guard. Don’t let yourself be shut down by fear or by not having confidence in your passing. Even if this is the only pass you like to use, then use it. But if you’re looking to improve your overall passing game then you have to check out…

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