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Super Easy Side Control Escape To Deep Half



Being stuck in side control is one of the worst feeling spots in all of Jiu Jitsu. The shoulder pressure on your face, the weight of your opponent and all of the possibilities of getting submitted from the position makes it a terrible place to be. That’s where your escapes come into play. If you have solid escapes from side control, you won’t have to worry about those issues. Instead, you’ll be able to make a quick getaway, and be able to establish yourself in a better way. One of my favorite escapes from side control leads to a great position for the defender. That particular escape is escaping side control, and getting to the deep half guard, where you can sweep and get on top. Let’s check out that awesome escape…

As you were rolling, you made a mistake and your opponent capitalized on it. The unfortunate result is that now you’re stuck in side control. You don’t want to be there long, so you have to start working your escape right away. First you need to work your arms in between you and your opponent. This will create a bit of space so that you won’t have to deal with strong shoulder pressure. Once that is done, you need to turn your hips in towards your opponent. Now use your top leg to go over and trap your opponent’s ankle. With his leg hooked, you need to start pulling out towards you to create pressure on his knee. This will be uncomfortable and will force him to lift his knee to alleviate the pressure. As he does that, you’ll have the opening you need for deep half. Use your inside arm to hug the upper part of his leg, near the hip and roll right into the deep half guard.

This has slowly become a go to side control escape for me. The fact that I can use it to get out of the unfavorable spot and get to a very high percentage position makes it worthwhile. If you are a big fan of deep half then this is also a no brainer escape. It will allow you to get where you want to play, right away. Always make sure that your escapes are top notch. They have to be. At some point, you will make a mistake and you need to be able to correct that mistake. Get yourself a great resource for escapes and check out…

Escapes From Everywhere by Bernardo Faria. Click here!


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