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How To Submit Using The BJJ Cross Choke from Everywhere

How To Submit Using The BJJ Cross Choke from Everywhere


The cross choke in jiu jitsu is one of the most powerful chokes in the gi.  It utilizes both collars and is one of the first chokes many people learn.  The cross choke is also one of the hardest chokes to master.  One of the best characteristics of the cross choke is that it is extremely versatile.  You can use the cross choke from so many different places.

The cross choke is definitely worth learning because it works from bottom in several places and from top.  You can use it from half guard and full guard on bottom and you can use it from top side, mount, knee slice, top half, and knee on belly.  This is one of the simplest chokes to apply and if you take the time to learn all the finishing touches, you will not regret it. Check out our article “The Cross choke” for an overview on the position.

The BJJ Cross Choke from Top Position

The cross choke is one of the most dominant chokes from the top position.  You can use to submit your opponent from several positions such as top side control, top mount, knee on belly, top half guard, quarter guard, and knee slice position.  From all of these positions the cross choke is extremely effective and a viable option to submit your opponent.  The choke is extremely powerful.  One of the keys to finishing the choke is to pull your elbows tight to your ribs when you have your grips so that you engage your back and core.  Most people flare their elbows instead and this actually weakens the choke. Check out our article "Three Submissions from Knee on Belly."

The cross choke is also an excellent option to threaten a submission so that you can pass or advance position.  For example, you may have your opponent in quarter guard or knee slice and you can apply a cross choke, they may be preoccupied defending the choke and this will allow you to pass.  You can also use it from knee on belly or top side to mount your opponent.  Check out this video below of a cross choke from knee on belly.

The Cross Choke from Bottom

The cross choke is also an extremely good weapon to add to your arsenal from bottom.  This choke works extremely well from bottom half guard, and closed guard.  The closed guard is one of the best places to set up the cross choke from.  You can also use it effectively in bottom half.

Like we stated above, the cross choke has a multitude of uses, for example, you can threaten the cross choke to set up other submissions or attacks.  For instance, you can use it from closed guard and when your opponent defends, you may be able to do an arm bar or an arm drag.  Check out this video below of a picture perfect cross choke from closed guard.

If you want to learn how to apply a cross choke properly from several different positions, check out Luis Heredia’s DVD Set, “Pure Jiu Jitsu.”  Luis is a Rickson Gracie Black Belt and has the most sound fundamentals around.


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