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Using the One on One Grip to Set Up The Kimura by Neil Melanson

Using the One on One Grip to Set Up The Kimura by Neil Melanson


In another example from his latest release The Filthy Kimura, Neil Melanson demonstrates a nasty kimura set up against a defensive opponent who is trying to turtle up and become defensive protecting their arm.

Check out the technique below then let's break it down a bit in all of it's filthy details!

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The foundation of this position is the One on One wrist ride grip that Neil has secured on his opponent.  Once he establishes this grip, it is a matter of cutting off all escape routes.  He does this by maintaining the One on One grip and starting at the opposing end of the body by grabbing the ankle, thigh or buttocks of the opponent to prevent any rolling or escapes.

Once Neil has that control, he will then step over the opponents head and drive his knee to the ground at the opposite end of their body.  Then maintaining the wrist control he will attempt to turn them and dump them on their side.  Once the opponent comes up and over, Neil will step into their half guard with his free leg.

After stepping into the half guard, he will secure the kimura grip and finish the submission.  The opponent who was just safely hidden in their turtle position finds themselves exposed and the submission follows quickly.

In his new release The Filthy Kimura, Neil Melanson is going to show you that you really don't know anything about the submission.  He is one of the most detailed and brutally savage teachers out there.  Get your copy today at BJJ Fanatics!




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