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Erberth Santos Calls out Gordon Ryan

Erberth Santos Calls out Gordon Ryan


Legit beef or publicity stunt?

When we hear the name Erberth Santos the word “experience” definitely comes to mind. Santos has amassed a staggering 250 plus bouts in the last 3 years alone. The 24-year-old black belt known for his aggressive and action-packed style earned his first black belt world title in 2017, after switching to Almeida JJ, an Atos affiliate. He recently once again announced that he will be moving on from his current team to start his own. This news came on the heels of his recent and very impressive performance in the IBJJF Sao Paulo Open.

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We’re used to seeing Erberth mainly in the gi, but it looks like he’s in the market for a new challenge. He recently in a short video with Flo Grappling called out “the King” Gordon Ryan, requesting a match in the gi with Ryan in Los Angeles, and a no gi match in Brazil. Perhaps with the inception of Santos’s own team, he’s looking to call out some big names to draw attention to his new venture. Whatever the case may be, this would certainly be an interesting pair of match-ups.

We’d have to say that each of these men are titans in their respective niches, so seeing them go to war in each other’s worlds would be very intriguing.

Ryan has been sharpening his gi game, and the word on the street is that it’s going well. Of course, the stars will have to align for these matches to take place, but the prospect is very interesting. Time will tell.

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