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Why Break One Arm When You Can Break Two? With Renato Canuto

Why Break One Arm When You Can Break Two? With Renato Canuto


BJJ Fanatics has had the great honor of working with several of the highest-level athletes in BJJ. This list is stacked top to bottom with everyone from legends of the art, to the young guns of today that are evolving the sport at a very rapid rate. 

This coming weekend at ADCC 2019 in Anaheim, we will have the privilege of witnessing the amazing abilities of a great number of BJJ Fanatics athletes. Every weight class is packed with insane talent, capable of producing the greatest ADCC in the history of the competition. This is not an event to miss!

One of these rising stars is Renato Canuto. With an impressive resume and previous victories over several of his fellow 77kg opponents for ADCC, this young Chekmat star will look to make the most of his invite to ADCC and come home with the gold. Canuto has a perfect style to be successful at ADCC, with aggressive takedowns, skills in the scramble, and one hell of an arm bar. 

Let’s have a look at some instruction from Canuto and get familiar with his style. We’ll start right here with a double arm bar attack from the closed guard. Enjoy!


There’s always an epic battle for posture when we’re talking about the closed guard. Both parties like to control this aspect of the game. This is for good reason. If the bottom player can get the passer close, things can become much more difficult where passing is concerned. On the other end of the spectrum, the guard passer can make life hell for the guard player by maintaining strong posture and keeping their distance. This is where Canuto begins.

Inside of the closed guard, Camuto’s partner takes grips on the lapels and locks his arms out in an attempt to maintain good posture. Here Canuto mirrors his partners grips by taking two of his own at the sleeves. He first lifts his hips up and creates some space under his lower back, and then brings his partner toward him using the power of his hips, removing the grips. This leaves his partner with broken posture and no way to anchor himself to Canuto. 

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Canuto then unlocks his guard and configures his legs to look like a straddle. He brings his legs forward and then locks them over his partner’s shoulders, trapping the arms in an incredibly vulnerable position. Canuto now simply needs to control the wrists and lift his hips off of the mat to produce the submission. 

Done with the right timing, this is a great way to break the posture and attack the arms. This is a low risk high reward attack and if you don’t get the tap, you’re no worse off than when you started. Highly applicable and effective, this is great submission to try from the closed guard. Give it a shot! 

Canuto is an exciting fighter with incredible timing and a perfect game for ADCC We’re looking forward to seeing him advance to the later rounds of ADCC this year as he is a favorite for gold! Good luck Renato Canuto! 

50 Shades Of Arm Bar by Renato Canuto is a 4-part EPIC dedicated to destroying arms from every angle. Renato has one of the most exciting and effective games in ALL of Jiu-Jitsu. Canuto explains the TECHNICAL side of his explosiveness and athleticism so YOU can do what Renato does!



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