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Winter IS Coming

Winter IS Coming


Properly Preparing Your Body For Physical Activity is Crucial

If you live in area that has a winter season, then you know that cold weather is on its way. Some of you may welcome the idea of the cooler air after a hot summer, but if you’re an older practitioner winter training can make your body feel like you’ve been living north of the wall.

The humidity and heat of the summer months keeps our bodies loose, and pliable. This can help stave off injuries, and also make our transition time from walking in the doors of the academy to getting on the mat a little shorter. But the mat can be dark and full of terrors when the winter makes its presence known to the body.

The cold dry air of the winter season may have you feeling a little bit stiff, and lethargic at times. Ignoring these changes may make you more prone to injury if you plan on business as usual on the mats.

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Get the Proper Warm Up When the Weather Turns Cold

A warm-up should be a part of everyone’s year-round pre-training regimen. Seemingly the young guns can get away with a very light or no warm up at all, no matter the time of year. Try not to follow in their footsteps. When the temperature drops, give yourself a little more time before class to get some blood flowing. You may want to add some extra yoga or stretching to your winter schedule. This will help combat the effects of the colder months on the body, and keep you feeling like a Dothraki warrior instead of the night king.

It’s important to stay active in BJJ through the cold months. Keeping a regular BJJ training schedule through winter will help keep your immune system strong, it also keeps the winter blues away. One session a day will produce “feel good” chemicals in the brain, reducing anxiety and depression that some of us deal with during the winter season.

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Movements Should Prepare You and Prevent Injury

Of course, we don’t ever want put a halt to our training for any reason, especially age, but consider making some adjustments during the cold season to reduce your risk of injury, and help you stay on the training floor. Choosing to ignore your body’s need for extra prep may land you on the sidelines inquiring to the weirwood trees of BJJ about what went wrong.

 Here’s a great warmup routine from Sebastian Brosche for getting the blood pumping before training.

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