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Wonderboy Meets Showtime in Nashville

Wonderboy Meets Showtime in Nashville


The UFC returns to Nashville and features a main event between Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson and Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis. Curtis Blaydes and Justin Willis will take place in the co main event slot. The main event seems to be the type of fight where you sort of scratch your head, and then begin to nod your head and say “hell ya!”.

Pettis is set to make his welterweight debut after a fight of the year candidate with lightweight stalwart Tony Ferguson. Pettis has seen mixed results since becoming the first UFC fighter to grace the Wheaties box. He has competed at both featherweight and lightweight. His next bout will be at a third weight class in a span of three years. Although results may have been mixed, Pettis has consistently fought the best of the best, regardless of weight class.

The Roufusport product trains with the likes of Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. So it’s safe to say that he is no stranger to strong grapplers. Showtime has always displayed a well roundedness that few could match, but his striking has always remained his go too tool. Against Wonderboy we should be treated to a tactical chess match.

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With a name like Wonderboy you better have some flash, and Stephen Thompson definitely has plenty of flash. If you type wonderboy highlight into a search you will be sure to find wheel kicks, sidekicks, and straight blasts aplenty. Fun fact about Thompson is that he is the last person to defeat current middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, by TKO.

The only person to stifle Wonderboy’s wonder was Tyron Woodley. Say what you want about those fights, Tyron was closer to finishing Thompson than anyone before. Woodley made Wonderboy’s night extremely difficult by biding his time and waiting for a moment to land a big right hand. And it did. The question is does Pettis have the ability to apply the same strategy which has proven to work against Thompson. Speaking of Woodley here he gives you a quick insight into the fight.

Hopefully, Pettis chooses to utilize the striking that earned him the nickname Showtime. Although this might play into Stephen Thompson’s hand, it could be exactly what the fans in Nashville want. Pettis is in low risk position taking on one of the division’s top ranked contenders in Thompson. Wonderboy is risking his top 5 spot in the hopes that by keeping busy he might get another crack at the welterweight title.

Thompson might just be the next in line with a victory over former titleholder Anthony Pettis. Especially since Tyron Woodley is no longer the one with the belt. Kamaru Usman is now the reigning champion, which might give Thompson another crack at the championship he craves with a main event win in Nashville. Stay Tuned!

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