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Update Your Arm Bar!

Update Your Arm Bar!



Time for an update folks

As always with an Enter The System release people are flocking to receive the newest info laid forth by the Legendary John Danaher. He has revolutionized the approach to multiple aspects of BJJ. Leglocks, back attacks, front headlocks, kimuras, and triangle all have been systematized. Now it’s time for an all time classic to receive the same treatment.

The usual mind bending approach to mastering the ins and outs of techniques is present in Enter The System: Arm Bars. What you thought you knew about the Juji Gatame might totally change or be conceptualized in a completely new way. That has been the experience from folks we have talked with. This video sort of encapsulates this different approach to arm bars.

If you’ve heard glass shattering inside your mind/ego you aren’t alone. If you’d like to Enter The System and ELEVATE your game to the next level Click Learn More!!


Danaher makes the approach very easy to digest. A prevailing theme throughout the 5 minute video is the “relationship between your partner’s head and elbow and your hip”. By constantly tracking this concept you can start to add changes throughout your armbar game.

Chances are if you have practiced Jiu-Jitsu for some time you have encountered the armbar demonstrated by John here at 0:40 in the video. When seeing this for the first time you might get a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’ve been doing it that way for so long and now you have to change it. Fret not, you are not alone.

The Danher series has not only provided ample technique to be practiced but it has also ensured that people must keep an open mind to ever evolving techniques. By keeping it fresh and interesting your Jiu-Jitsu will stay evolving. This makes coming to training rewarding because there shouldn’t ever be any stagnation.

Often times it doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel either.

There is a good chance that your body is doing similar things to what Danaher does with his armbar. Being able to add fine details to an already strong body of work can be hard to do because of muscle memory. By finding similarities between what is ingrained in your body and how Danaher applies his armbar will help you bridge the gap with your technique.

Throughout the latest edition to Enter The System you will probably encounter these “A-Ha!” moments. Another recommendation we’ve heard from many fans of the Enter The System series is to break the instruction into small parts and practice it like mad. This process of chunking can make leaps and bounds develop in your game because you don’t get lost in the amplitude of knowledge that Danaher provides.

John Danaher has completed his Enter The System series. In his most recent installment he is set to blow your mind and possibly your opponent’s elbow. Enter The System: Arm Bar by John Danaher makes you totally change how you look at the Armbar/Juji Gatame. Your mechanics will change forever, for the better. Take your Armbar game to the highest level with the last installment of Enter the System!!




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