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Your Guard is Inches from Being Passed. What Do You Do?

Your Guard is Inches from Being Passed. What Do You Do?


Last Ditch Try To Retain The Guard. And It Works!

We’ve all been here a thousand times. During our training when playing guard, its critical we develop a sense of knowing when we’ve been “had”. Waiting too long to change positions when there’s an imminent guard pass on your doorstep can be the downfall of your entire match. Bailing out and transitioning to a position where we can defend ourselves more proficiently is important. But is there one last effort we can make to get the reversal when our opponent’s impending pass is just inches from success?

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Check out this video with Bernardo Faria. In this case he’s dealing with one of the most common passes in BJJ, a knee slice pass, and he has a great answer for it that he calls the “last chance” sweep. Have a look.

As his partner is starting to complete the knee slice, Faria secures a four-finger grip on the pants (IBJJF legal of course) and uses this as an anchor to buy himself a little more time and keep his partner from cementing the pass. As his partner begins continues on the path of the knee slice, Faria bumps him from behind with his knee to move him even farther forward. Faria is then able to come up to his knees, secure the far side leg and drive into is partner, forcing the reversal.

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Allowing a good guard passer to get comfortable and settle in will surely put you on the path to playing defense. Give this a shot and turn a would-be guard pass into an offensive opportunity for yourself.

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