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Add Some Offense to Your Turtle with a Slick Kimura from Neil Melanson

Add Some Offense to Your Turtle with a Slick Kimura from Neil Melanson


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Anytime we can become offensive from a predominately defensive position, we have the element of surprise to aid us in truing the tide of a match. The turtle position is one of these unique platforms where we may have just as much ability to attack as we do to defend.

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Having an active game from the turtle position can have a significant impact on the opportunities you can create from this dynamic spot.

In this video Neil Melanson gives Bernardo Faria some insight as to how he attacks the kimura from the turtle. He demonstrates 2 different versions, each for a different scenario. Have a look.

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I find the first one to be quite brutal, and awesome. Neil is forcing a very large movement out of his partner with the use of the kimura. Melanson places heavy importance on keeping his right elbow tight at the inception of the move to avoid his opponent’s hand penetrating and acquiring a one on one grip. Keeping his left elbow elevated Melanson steps up to his right foot and continues to take Farias arm North, breaking the plain of his back. He then pivots on his knee and uses his left elbow to guide Faria to the mat. The concept of using the left elbow to drive his partner to the floor, rather than pushing the wrist makes a lot of sense. There is a greater element of connection and control over Farias body when using this method. This detail alone is game changing.

The second version of the technique is also intriguing, and if you’re a smaller practitioner, it may be the one that suits you best. In this scenario the bottom man is not able to step up and around, as he’s being trapped with heavier pressure from the top player. Using the tried and true methods of action and reaction Melanson executes a roll, in which he elevates his hips high over the head of his partner and floats quite effortlessly to the other side.

The kimura is ultimately finished in traditional fashion, by stepping over the head to gain the proper angle and leverage to force the tap.

This is an excellent example of pairing some offense with a defensive position. Give it a shot and make your turtle a little more dangerous! Get to work!

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